Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bip vs. Baryshnikov: How I learned Mime, ...from Dance.

Hello Everyone!

Last week I received a great amount of feedback and many complements on my diagrams of how you see the Coiling, (Suspension) by drawing lines over photos of Marceau and myself.

Today I will show how one of the most interesting ways I first learned how to see this in Marceau, which was by comparing his positions to dancer positions.

For months if not for a couple of years,  me and two very important people in my life, Jeanine Thompson and Rick Wamer would diagram photos and then go to the studio and see how they each felt different form each other.  No just looked different, but felt different.

This article comes as a follow-up to last weeks.  You'll enjoy them both the most if you also do what we used to do.  See, then imitate, then feel the difference. 

Print out both pages, too and compare how they look side by side.


Next week I will write a much longer comparison and speak about these differences as well as the similarities.  But for today, seeing is believing, so enjoy! 

Written by Gregg Goldston
(Coiling Lines also drawn by Gregg) 

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